Skills, vision, passion.

This is a brief overview of the TIAS brand history, dating back to 1997. At that time, our company has developed from the local accounting office into two big brands that operate separately. This was possible thanks to numerous recommendations of our grateful Clients. TIAS is one of these two brands.

 From the very beginning of its existence, our brand's activities went far beyond the standard framework of accounting. With time, we transformed our services into official and comprehensive legal and advisory activities. As a result, our company is proud of many achievements and is distinguished in the professional field, which is confirmed by wide recognition and numerous recommendations.

One of the prestigious achievements of our brand is the fact that it belongs Antea - the global organisation that brings together the world's largest accounting and legal brands.

At present, our company brings together over 70 highly qualified employees. We offer our clients a wide range of specialised counselling services in the field of finance, economy, law and many others. The Clients of our brand value cooperation with us mainly because our company does not have a corporate structure. This gives us greater freedom and ability to adapt to individual needs of the Clients. Thanks to these values our brand's activities on the international market are of wide range and highly distinguishable.

Currently, our company has five offices: in Wrocław, Warsaw, Katowice, Szczecin, and Seoul. The Tias team currently represents the businesses of over 600 clients from many industries around the world. © 2019.

More information can be obtained from TIAS Polska.