| 08 March, 2021

International Women’s Year

It wasn’t until 1975, during the “International Women’s Year” that International Women’s Day - commonly celebrated on the 8th of March every year - was officially established by the UN as a recurring holiday.

 The origins of the holiday itself can be traced back to 19 March 1911 when millions of women took to the streets in their struggle for equality, decent working conditions, and the right to vote. Their unyielding stance and perseverance in reaching those goals contributed significantly to the gradual betterment of the situation of women all around the world.

Unfortunately, we have to remember that there are still places all over the planet where women are forced to fight for their basic rights. The daily activities of the Women’s Rights Centre Foundation are focused on preventing and combating violence and discrimination against women in private, public, and professional life. This year we have decided to show our support for this particular initiative, seeing how it shares our mission and values connected with the fight for women's rights.

As Women’s Day draws near, we are committed to shift our focus to problems connected with violence and discrimination by donating 10% of profits from each new contract concluded this month (March 2021).


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