| 27 July, 2023

Foreigners in Poland. Changes for employers and employees in relation to lifting the epidemic emergency.

On 01.07.2023, the state of epidemic emergency caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus infections was lifted in Poland. Thus, all foreigners staying in Poland based on documents extended by the so-called Covid Act or benefiting from conditional stay – are obliged to submit their residence applications before the expiry of 30 days from the cancellation of this state.

At the same time, employers employing foreign nationals based on covid prolonged work permits/statements of entrustment – are required to obtain new documents for them.
If the application deadline passes, the foreigner will be staying in Poland illegally.
The covid provisions have provided greater freedom to control the legal stay or work of foreigners, so we would like to remind you that now residence applications will have to be submitted no later than the last day of a foreigner's legal stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Work permits will also not be automatically extended, the respective applications for extension will have to be submitted no later than 30 days before the permit expires. If this deadline is not met, it will be necessary to apply for a completely new permit.
Given the above, we kindly request you to notify us as soon as possible of employees requiring legalisation of their stay and work in connection with the cancellation of the epidemic emergency.

At the same time, we recommend greater control over the legality of the stay of persons staying in Poland based on visa-free traffic, as in their case they will only have 90 days to submit their applications.

Should you have any questions related to the changes due to the cancellation of the epidemic emergency or regarding any other issue, you are welcome to contact us:


Author: Adrianna Bober
TIAS Legal