| 01 July, 2024

Changes in the employment ofr Ukrainian citizens

From 1st of July 2024, changes related to the employment of citizens of Ukraine will be in force. They were introduced by the Act of 15 May 2024 amending the Act on Assistance to Citizens of Ukraine in Connection with the Armed Conflict on the Territory of Ukraine and certain other Acts (Dz. U. 2024 r. poz. 854).

What are the main changes?

  • the obligation to send a PUP notification of employment of a Ukrainian citizen within 7 days, instead of 14 as it was previously;
  • extension of the legal stay of Ukrainian citizens until 30 September 2025;
  • indication of the exact cases when another notification to the PUP on the employment of a Ukrainian national should be made, i.e.:
    - change of the type of contract (e.g. from an employment contract to a contract of mandate)
    - change of position
    - change of the type of work performed
    - reduction of working hours or number of hours specified in the notification
    - reduction in the salary (monthly or hourly) specified in the notification
  • the introduction of a requirement to provide at least the minimum wage or the minimum hourly rate in the PUP notification;

What about Ukrainians who are obtaining residence and work permits?

It will be necessary to verify the residence permits obtained by foreigners who were previously employed by an employer, e.g. on the basis of a work permit or a declaration of job entrustment, if they intend to continue their employment while changing their documents- to a temporary residence and work permit, citing the PUP notification as the basis of their employment.
It will be the employer's duty to submit the notification within 7 days (counted from the day when the foreigner informed on the delivery of the decision granting him/her residence and work permit).
The amendment in this respect will no longer require that, in the event of continuation of work, the employer will be forced to terminate the existing contract and conclude a new one as was required until now.

New obligation for a foreigner

Imposition on a foreigner of an obligation to notify the employer of the receival of a decision granting a temporary residence and work permit within 7 days counted from the date of its effective delivery to the foreigner.

Work during this period remains legal, but if the foreigner does not fulfil his/her obligation within the indicated period - he/she will not be entitled to perform work on the basis of the PUP notification.

If you have any doubts about the legalisation of work or residence of foreigners, please contact our immigration department, which offers services in this area:
office@tias.pl  or directly to Ms Adrianna Bober - adrianna.bober@tias.pl