| 04 April, 2024

Good migration law as one of the pillars of support for Ukraine

At this turbulent time, as armed conflict still rages on in Ukraine, it is important that we are able to concentrate on prospects of relief and future reconstruction. Despite the difficulties, we can overcome the challenges ahead of us through shared determination and commitment - also in the field of business relations. Adam Smuga, Attorney-at-Law and Managing Partner at TIAS, had the opportunity to talk about the migration law aspect of the situation during the “Reconstruction of Ukraine: Unlocking Opportunities for Korean Companies Operating in Poland” conference.

Challenges and opportunities for business in Ukraine’s reconstruction process

We believe that supporting and rebuilding Ukraine calls for international cooperation. On February 27, we had the honor of co-organizing a conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine together with the Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka (DZP) law firm, KOTRA, and AVELLUM. The event centered around the issue of how to overcome this challenge together.

DZP’s Katarzyna Kuźma’s speech emphasized that, according to the latest report by the World Bank, the total cost of the reconstruction of Ukraine within the next decade is estimated at up to USD 486 billion. Ms. Kuźma covered both the Polish and European perspectives on the reconstruction process, pointing to key issues that should be kept in mind when discussing such a large support and investment project.

TIAS - Adam Smuga on migration law

Knowledge related to the employment of foreigners is required for the informed involvement of the international community in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Adam Smuga, Attorney-at-Law, covered this topic on behalf of TIAS. He pointed out that the reconstruction of Ukraine will entail introducing new legal regulations as well as the necessity of posting workers and experts to the country. Business opportunities for the Polish-Korean cooperation must go hand in glove with the careful handling of migration law issues.

In this regard, it is important to familiarize yourself with the forms of legal employment and stay, which TIAS can assist you in applying for. We offer immigration services for individual clients, investors, managers, engineers, professionals, teams, and family members who would like to accompany them to Poland. We guarantee the professional support of our highly qualified TIAS Legal experts at every stage of the process.

During the conference, Adam Smuga also elaborated on the issue of the special act on assistance for Ukrainian citizens and its effect on the employment of Ukrainians in Poland as well as in Ukraine. It regulates, among other things, issues concerning the legal stay and employment of Ukrainian citizens in Poland. This knowledge allows businesses to operate and grow safely.

DZP law firm on the support from Poland and the European Union


The European Union's executive bodies are already pledging financial support for Ukraine over the 2024-2027 period. The facility for Ukraine will amount to up to EUR 50 billion intended for short-term state and rebuilding purposes, as well as for reconstruction and modernization. - We believe that you can learn a lot from our experience, including our mistakes,” stressed Kuźma, referring to Poland’s transition period.

Key firms and ministries responsible for the reconstruction process were also discussed, along with available funds allocated for that purpose. Examples include the establishment of cooperation between Ukraine’s Oszczadbank and Poland’s Korporacja Ubezpieczeń Kredytów Eksportowych (KUKE), as well numerous actions taken by the European Union in that regard.

The key relationship between the public sector and business

The cooperation between the public sector, or international institutions, and private businesses will be of paramount importance for effective reconstruction. This was emphasized by Maksym Maksymenko, a representative of the Ukrainian law firm Avellum. Government reconstruction programmes need to be implemented with the participation of capable investors. In order to make long-term cooperation and tendering possible, applicable regulations shall be drafted as soon as this year. Privatization of enterprises and creation of industrial parks and separate investment projects will all constitute important processes as well. This is an area for engagement that Korean investors in Poland may be interested in.

More so considering that there are many sectors that will require support during the reconstruction. The speaker presented the main reconstruction areas, focusing on energy, transportation, infrastructure, and the housing sector. More than 167,200 housing units with a total value of over USD 55.9 billion were destroyed, and infrastructure damage amounts to USD 36.6 billion - some 25,000 kilometers of roads and 344 bridges were destroyed during the war.

Common goal: support for Ukraine

The scale of the reconstruction calls for concrete action. Information on effective ways to track progress on reconstruction issues and plans for major projects was also provided. This is possible through platforms such as DREAM or Prozorro - an electronic system by means of which business representatives can submit tenders. Their specific types were presented to the conference attendees, i.e., Polish and Korean investors, among others, allowing them to better understand the current situation and future prospects.

We would like to thank all the speakers, organizers, and attendees for the opportunity to participate in such an important event and an inspiring exchange of experiences. Supporting Ukraine is our common goal. Alongside the support provided to Ukraine, a country fighting a defensive war, promising reconstruction plans bring hope for the security of our Eastern neighbors.